Ammonium nitrate N34.4

Composition: nitrogen (N) – 34.4 % (ammonia N (N-NH4) – 17.2 %; nitrate  N (N-NO3) – 17.2 %).

Fertilizing effect: ammonium nitrate provides plants with required amount of nitrogen, which is especially important during the period of intensive growth. Fertilization not only ensures effective growth and ripening, faster root development, rapid nutrient absorption, but also prevents leave yellowing. Nitrogen stimulates and regulates many vital plant growth processes. Plants fertilized with ammonium nitrate consume less water, contain more proteins and sugar, have longer vegetation period.

Packing: 500, 600, 1000 kg polypropylene sacks and bulk (mt). Labeling options are possible upon request.

 Certificate of conformity Specification Safety data sheet in EN