Calcium ammonium nitrate N27

Composition: nitrogen (N) 27 % (ammonia N (N-NH4) – 13.5 %, nitrate N (N-NO3) – 13.5 %), magnesium (MgO) – 4.0 %, calcium – 6.0 %.

Fertilizing effect: nitrogen is absorbed easily and efficiently. Calcium and magnesium are important to plant vital functions. Calcium ammonium nitrate enables plants grow wide leaves of rich green colour; provide 5 – 20 % richer harvest. Long-term usage causes no soil acidification and makes no impact on soil biological activity. Plants are enriched not only with nitrogen but also with magnesium and calcium. Moreover, calcium ammonium nitrate by providing plants with necessary nutrients compensates lack of light and the damage of acid soil.

Packing: 500 kg polypropylene sacks and bulk (mt). Labeling options are possible upon request.

 Certificate of conformity Specification Safety data sheet in EN