Liquid nitrogen fertilizers (UAN) N32

Composition: nitrogen (N) – 32 % (ammonia N (N-NH4) – 8 %, nitrate N (N-NO3) – 8 %, amide N (N-NH2) – 16 %).

Fertilizing effect: liquid nitrogen fertilizers are liquid, effectively acting fertilizers for outdoor plants, vegetables, fruit trees, berry gardens, and flowers. The solution meets all current agricultural engineering requirements and is especially recommended for additional plant fertilization. Liquid nitrogen fertilizers are easily mixed with other fertilizers containing macro and microelements, growth regulators, nitrification inhibitors, pesticides, and retardants. This colourless or reddish liquid contains no substances harmful to plants, is flameproof, non-explosive, emits no vapour, therefore, its storage and transportation is easy. Even small quantities may be spread (sprayed) evenly (30-40 kg/ha). Liquid nitrogen fertilizers meet the requirements of scattered, local, and additional fertilization via leaves. The reaction of solution is close to neutral, therefore higher concentration (up to 32 % in Lithuania) solutions may be used. Recommended for plants growing near water or in hilly locations.

Packing: railway tankers, tankers or other suitable containers provided by client.

 Certificate of conformity EN Specification Safety data sheet