Nitrogen fertilizers with calcium

Composition: nitrogen (N) – 27 % (ammonia N (N-NH4) – 13.5 %, nitrate N (N-NO3) – 13.5 %), calcium oxide (CaO) – 6 %.

Fertilizing effect: calcium ammonium nitrate based nitrogen fertilizers with calcium are a physiological fertilizer containing two synergetic elements – nitrogen and calcium – in one granule. Fertilizer does not acidify soil; on the contrary in acid soils better environment for root development and formation, nutrient absorption and useful microorganism propagation is formed.

Nitrogen fertilizers with calcium are applied to winter and summer rape, sugar beet and mangel-wurzel, potatoes and other vegetables, winter and summer wheat, forage crops, fruit trees and bushes. Applied before sowing and during vegetation period. Using appropriate spreader CAN as well as CAN – based fertilizer could be evenly spread within 48 meters.

Packing: 500 kg polypropylene sacks and bulk (mt).

 Specification Safety data sheet