Slow release nitrogen fertilizer „LITFERT StabillioN“

Composition: urea based nitrogen (N-NH2) – 46.5 %.

Performance: slow release nitrogen fertilizer „LITFERT StabillioN“ is well soluble, most concentrated nitrogen fertilizer with stabilizer which slows down nitrogen absorption. As a result, losses to atmosphere decreases and overall performance increases. Slow release nitrogen fertilizers could be used for main and additional fruit trees, berries, vegetables, winter and spring cereals, rapes, cultivated and non-cultivated soil fertilization. Performance of slow release fertilizers are not lower than ammonia nitrate. During hot and dry weather conditions, it is effective to fertilize with slow release fertilizer through the leaves, with concentration of 10 – 15%. In the later stages of plant development, application of slow release fertilizers through the leaves leads that grains accumulate more protein, gluten, improves other qualities. Spraying in fruit garden after post-harvest during leaf fall slow release fertilizer solution destroys pests eggs and pathogens.

Packing: 1000 kg polypropylene sacks.