Urea N46.5

Composition:  urea nitrogen (N-NH2) content – 46.5 %.

Fertilizing effect: outdoor and garden plants should be fertilised before sowing, winter plants and perennials in the beginning of vegetation. Fruit trees and berry shrubs should be sprayed until blossoming: spraying destroys pest eggs and larvae (aphids, apple bugs, ticks, etc.) as well as pathogens (septoriosis, blight, powdery mildew). White urea granules contain no supplementary additives and are treated with anti-caking agents. Minimum static strength per granule is 7 N. Urea is classified as environment-friendly fertiliser.

Packing: 500, 1000 kg polypropylene sacks and bulk (mt). Labeling options are possible upon request.

 Certificate of conformity EN Specification Safety data sheet in EN